I like simple ideas… and the good ideas. And with Robert came up with just this kind of idea – to create a WordPress XRP Tip Bot integration. Initially I was wondering what is it about. What is XRP Tip Bot, and what is Ripple? Well, I have to admit that I’m really not that familiar with crypto currencies, but still a big fan of the block chain concept (looking at those thing from the programmers perspective). And after some research I found all I need to know to consider the idea as a really good one.
Wietse Wind has created something that is really easy and intuitive to use. And the integration that his web platform was offering was as simple as possible. So there wasn’t much hesitation on how to develop a plugin that would cover the simple needs of adding a XRP Tip button in any WordPress site.
There were two main things that I knew I need to create – shortcode and a widget. The widget is always handy for those users that are not much into writing some kind of complicated code to get what day want and prefer the visual form. And the shortcode was the answer to for making it possible to have different XRP Tip Bot button for different accounts on different pages.
The other good thing about the idea for this plugin was its purpose . It really amazed me the simplicity of using the Tip button to share your gratitude to the author of a material that you have read somewhere in the net or some funny video that someone has created. It is easy, and fast, no extra logins, verification, approvals and etc. You just get straight to the “Thank you! and take this XRP 😉 “. I believe that this plugin will do amazing work not only for the content builders but to any one sharing stuff out there and searching for an easy way to get some support from their followers.
Thanks to Robert, his creative ideas, non-stop testing, and PR skills we managed to have the plugin ready to the masses.
Hope the WordPress solution will help you as well.

The WordPress TipBot for XRP