The XRP community is alive and well and growing at an incredible pace!

Many community members almost too numerous to mention are spending enormous amounts of time researching this asset on a daily basis.

Running a blog, doing research, writing up valuable content is a time consuming task. And whilst it is appreciated as a whole by the community at large the fact remains that it’s often very hard to sustain.

For the most part content creators are self funded meaning they need to personally foot the bill for website hosting and not to mention the time cost away from their family and friends tomaintain a valuable blog or community.

Now, thanks to the creation of the xrptipbot and the new plugin WP-TIPBOT content creators can be rewarded and supported directly by their audience – in real time! And because of the absence of fees micro donations are possible.

Thanks to WP-TIPBOT, the new blog ‘Digital Asset XRP’ by Nino Alves (Twitter @NinoAlves_1) now has another method.

You can check out the new blog and the WP-TIPBOT in action at https://daxrp.com.

New community blog daxrp.com leverages wp-tipbot to monetise content