The WP-Tipbot is an easy to setup WordPress plugin to get XRP tips for your content. Displays the XRP TIP BOT button with a widget or shortcode.

As content author you’re spending hours and days creating great blog articles and pages for the community. We think you should get paid for.

Using the grandiose XRP Tip Bot by Wietse Wind:

You can add the XRP Tip Bot button to any place within your wordpress post or page. Or simply add it to your sidebars via the “WP-Tipbot”-Widget.

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  •  Easy to setup
  • Add via shortcode
  • WP-Tipbot Widget for simple sidebar integration
  • Individual shortcode for each Author
  • Straightforward customization


Go to “Plugins”>>”Add new” and type WP-Tipbot >>Click on “Install”>>Click on “Activate” to activate the Plugin.

or download the plugin here.

  1. Upload the entire folder “wp-tipbot” to the /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the Plugin in WordPress under “Plugins”

In order to receive tips you need to register at XRP Tip Bot. If you don’t have an account, create one here. You can easily connect via Twitter, reddit or Discord.


Add the following shortcode to any place on your website:


Here is an example how to use:
[wp-tipbot size="250" amount="0.5" receiver="WpTipbot" network="twitter" label="Tip me" labelpt="Thaaaanks"]
And here are the shortcode attributes that you can use:

[wp-tipbot] Uses the values from the default settings.
[wp-tipbot size="250"] This will change the width of the button in px.
[wp-tipbot amount="0.5"] The tip amount of XRP you want to receive.
[wp-tipbot receiver="name"] Your username of the network which is linked to XRP Tip Bot.
[wp-tipbot network="twitter"] The network your XRP Tip Bot account is linked to. (Use: “twitter”, “reddit” or “discord”)
Don’t have a XRP Tip Bot account? Get one here.
[wp-tipbot label="Tip"] The text which is shown on the button.
[wp-tipbot labelpt="Thaaaanks"] The text which is shown on the button, once the user send you a tip.

Or simply place the WP-Tipbot Widget to your sidebar.